Kevin Rogers

Daily Point of Light # 5172 Mar 12, 2014

In 2007, Kevin Rogers began volunteering with Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands (FBHI), a group of volunteers working on behalf of Boston Harbor Island islands for three decades leadings tours, providing visitor services, hosting activities and educational programs. Rogers has served on Georges Island, Boston Light.

In 2009, Rogers offered to help distribute books about Boston Harbor to local libraries as part of the FBHI Library Legacy Program started in celebration of FBHI’s 30th anniversary. Rogers further developed the program into a community outreach program creating and setting up exhibits about the harbor for individual libraries. In addition, Rogers supervises volunteers working on this program. To date, 99 libraries in eastern Massachusetts have joined the program.

Currently, Rogers and other FBHI volunteers are presenting talks about the harbor based on park themes, in libraries that have requested a presentation. Rogers’s goal is to add 20 new libraries to the program during 2014.

Dev Staff