Daily Point of Light # 2298 Nov 25, 2002

Marge Engleman has been involved with the American Red Cross for the past ten years, serving numerable hours to support their services. After the September 11th tragedy, she volunteered to assist with the distribution of t-shirts and magnets sold through the local chapter for more than 30 hours. Her support at such a crucial time was instrumental to the success of the fundraiser.

On numerous occasions, Marge has placed her personal life on hold so she could assist during disasters. One example of this was during the Madison County flooding on Easter weekend. Marge was in the middle of making Easter dinner for her family, including her daughter who was home from Virginia, when she was called to gather supplies and begin relief efforts.

In addition to Red Cross volunteer activities, Marge is very active in her community. She volunteers with the Missouri Veterans Home, Cape County Health Department, Meals on Wheels, Area Wide United Way, and works the poll at election time. Marge is also a guide for the Convention and Visitors Bureau, where she proudly shows off her community to visitors and prospective employees. Marge serves on the Board of Trustees at her church, where she oversees the church plan and monitors how money is spent. She is a member of the Kitchen committee, where she cooks at least twice a month, helps with food bereavement meals, and keeps the kitchen safe and clean. Aside from conducting meetings for groups and giving tours of the church, Marge has been a Circle Leader, Bible School Director, Sunday School Teacher, and leader for a Young Adult Class that she started with her husband Bill.

For 24 years, Marge spent her career as a teacher in the Cape Girardeau public school system, where she has impacted the lives of thousands of students. While in the school system, she implemented new programs for the students and volunteered in several capacities such as serving on two-bond issue committees and the Community Relations Committee, as well as delivering school papers. Outside of the school system, Marge has been involved in a disabled scout program, served as a Girl Scout leader, and chaired the Kiwanis Coat and Shoe program. At the Alternative School, she has repaired and distributed clothing to the students and was the liaison for the Procter & Gamble Adopt a School project, which funded computers and new programs for the school system. She also planned the first Black History month and put together a job fair for the students that introduced them to a variety of employment opportunities.

Marge depicts the true spirit of volunteerism. She has spent the majority of her life giving to others while keeping a smile on her face and kindness in her heart. She is dedicated to giving her time and talents to the community and is truly an inspiration.