Mary Pope

Daily Point of Light # 5561 Sep 8, 2015

Camellia Hospice is home to numerous patients receiving comfort, care and compassion while facing terminal illness. While these patients have undoubtedly seen better days, Mary Pope seems to somehow put a smile on each one of their faces.
Pope has been volunteering at Camellia Hospice for over five years. Over that span, Pope has worn many hats, from greeting and spending time with patients, to helping them prepare for their daily activities. Though her role cannot be simply defined, in plane terms, she truly does it all.
“She never hesitates to call me if she is concerned about a patient, and always follows up to make sure that their needs are met,” said Julie Miley, Volunteer Coordinator at Camellia. “Whether she is spending extra time so that the caregiver can go to their Doctor appointment and run errands, or if she is cooking for a patient that has no family to care for him, Mrs. Mary is always willing to help.”
Pope is extremely popular not only amongst the residents of Camellia, but the staff as well. Pope helps prepare meals each week for the hospice, and each month she assists Miley with planning birthday celebrations. She is especially known for the cakes that she makes for each resident and staff. She also helps entertain each month with bingo games.
Coming out of Port Gibson, Mississippi, Pope is not just one of the few volunteers giving back her time, she is the only volunteer. Not just at the hospice but with the local Salvation Army as well. Port Gibson is a small, low-income community, and for all Pope has done and continues to do to help uplift her surroundings, she has become an inspiration.

Dev Staff