Nicholas G. Jaeger

Daily Point of Light # 5493 Jun 4, 2015


At 16, Nick Jaeger developed an advocacy group to support victims of domestic violence, using the concept of allies—those who are empathetic and speak up in support of victims.

 Nick lives in a home filled with love and was taught early on that while disagreements happen, it’s how conflicts get resolved that is important. When he volunteered at the local shelter he was struck by how what he had taken for granted wasn’t the norm and that the people who should make you feel the safest can cause you fear and that terrified him. He started to volunteer for CORA, in San Mateo County, a domestic violence prevention organization and worked to raise funds and awareness, in his school and in other high schools.

Nick developed this idea of being an “ally” to victims of domestic violence. An “ally” is someone who isn’t necessarily a victim themselves but who will stand up against such violence, be supportive to someone who is experiencing domestic violence and is willing to speak out against it.

He has raised more than $85,000 for his local domestic violence prevention organization in San Mateo County, California. Additionally, he speaks at local high schools to raise awareness about domestic violence and has volunteers directly at the shelter.

Dev Staff