Patty Z. Robison

Daily Point of Light # 5475 May 11, 2015


For the last 10 years, Patty Robison has served as a beacon of hope for people in need in Phoenix, Arizona, donating more than 200 volunteer hours a year to the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry at St. Joan of Arc church.

In addition to offering food, the pantry helps with rent and utilities to members of the community who are in need. And Robison, is there to do it all, including going beyond working at the physical pantry location. Robison carries the food pantry’s business cards with her and whenever she sees someone on the corner with a sign asking for money or food, she hands them a card, letting them know where they can go to get a hot meal and/or help.

There are more than 468,000 families are in need across central and northern Arizona. As a result of Robison’s services, the pantry is able to serve more than 6 million pounds of food a year.

Robison also helps to recruit more volunteers. Thanks to her tireless efforts, the pantry receives hundreds of volunteers a year.

Patty Robison’s work has changed the work in the community significantly. The pantry is open three days a week. And, as one of the first faces visitors see when they enter, she makes sure that everyone feels cared for, at ease and thankful. 

Dev Staff