Paul Langenfeld

Daily Point of Light # 6220 Mar 19, 2018
Paul pictured with a camper at Camp Knutson, an organization that serves children and teens with special needs./Courtesy Paul Langenfeld

Paul Langenfeld has always had a heart for service. His St. Paul, Minnesota-based nonprofit, The Langenfeld Foundation, provides opportunities for people with disabilities to fish and hunt, as well as participate in sporting activities. The organization also funds music camp scholarships.

“I give back because I have received so much – from others and from above,” Paul said. “My father was a World War II veteran, and my mother lived a life with epilepsy. Two of my brothers each did 20 years of military service, and my other two siblings have learning disabilities. Since day one, I have known that people with disabilities can have amazing lives, all they need is the opportunity.”

Paul is constantly out on the frontlines, speaking to people about The Langenfeld Foundation’s work and advocating for people with disabilities. Several times a week, he can be found fundraising or rolling up his sleeves and working alongside the nonprofit’s volunteers. Paul also volunteers with a number of organizations that serve veterans and people with special needs, including The American Legion and the Special Olympics.

“The most valuable thing I’ve learned through volunteering is that the world is filled with really good people,” Paul said. “I meet so many folks who are happy to help others.”

Paul assists a camper at Camp Wingspan./Courtesy Paul Langenfeld

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Jia Gayles