Providence Care TheraPaw Volunteers

Daily Point of Light # 5163 Feb 27, 2014

In 2012, a husband and wife team initiated the Providence Care TheraPAW program in Piedmont, South Carolina with the desire to serve, share, and deliver compassionate care to seniors through the human-animal bonding experience.

Providence Care TheraPAW volunteers believe pets love unconditionally with devotion that is both touching and reassuring. Pets bring laughter, quiet comfort, and companionship to those needing it most, particularly to the program’s hospice patients.

Each day, Providence Care TheraPAW volunteers visit patients at home and in assisted living and nursing communities throughout the Upstate of South Carolina. Thus far, the program’s volunteers have given over 1,000 hours of service to seniors and their families, and visit requests continue to grow rapidly.

Seniors welcome Providence Care TheraPAW and Upstate Therapy Dogs and volunteers with open arms, laughter, giggles, love, and an enthusiasm that rivals all others. Even the most demure patient, has been heard shouting, “The dogs are here!” Volunteers have seen seniors at risk for isolation and loneliness come out of their shells and begin to visit and trust again through regular volunteer support and friendships.

Providence Care TheraPAW volunteers are filled with happy tales and success stories. All begin and end with an unconditional and lasting love between humans and pets.

Dev Staff