Rachel Turner

Daily Point of Light # 4680 Jan 16, 2012
Rachel Turner

Steeped in a tradition that calls to “make it a day on, and not a day off,” Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service (MLK, Jr. Day) is rooted in service to our community.  The spirit of service that is highlighted each year during the MLK, Jr. Day of Service inspires many to want to serve on a more regular basis.  In the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, many people can thank Rachel Turner for the opportunity to serve on MLK, Jr. Day and beyond. Operating out of Philadelphia, Rachel creates and manages sustainable, year-round volunteer programming the MLK365 program.  In addition, each MLK, Jr. Day, she is responsible for managing the outreach and registration process for hundreds of organizations and thousands of volunteers that participate throughout the tri-state area.

As you might expect with someone so integrally involved in MLK, Jr. Day, Rachel is deeply committed to an ethic of service.  Prior to her work with the MLK365 program, Rachel served two terms of service in AmeriCorps during 2008 and 2009.  As an alumnus of this national service program, Rachel remains deeply committed to the pledge to carry her AmeriCorps commitment with her beyond her term of service.  She also currently serves as the Chapter President of the Philadelphia Chapter of AmeriCorps Alums and routinely leads service and professional development opportunities for alumni in the Philadelphia area.

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