Ray Hartenstein

Daily Point of Light # 5482 May 20, 2015

 Ray Hartenstein, 81, of Cushing, Texas, visits a small East Texas school library to read and sing to a large class of kindergarten students. “Mr. H,” as the students affectionately call him fosters a love of reading and a love of books in these kids, many of whom do not have regular access to reading materials.

More than 75 percent of the population of the school where Hartenstein volunteers is economically disadvantaged. With people constantly struggling to make ends meet, there is little left at the end of the month to spend on “extras” like school supplies and books.

Says Cushing Independent School District representative Valori Poskey, “Mr. H wants the children to experience getting to take home a new book and enjoy the clean, crisp pages of a new book, when he leaves the school, he goes directly to another school for the same program.”

Hartenstein will wheel in several cases of new books to distribute to the Kindergarten and Pre K students.

He has been reading to students and providing them books for more than five years. He volunteer with seven schools, two Boys & Girls Clubs and three local libraries.

In 2012, he discovered First Book and now delivers new books at least four times during the school year, impacting a total of 695 children.

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Dev Staff