Ricardo Wiggs

Daily Point of Light # 5968 Mar 30, 2017

Ricardo Wiggs’ advocacy was sparked by a horrible tragedy; the loss of his wife. 25 years ago, she was fatally shot by a stalker. After joining a support group with people who have endured similar experiences, Ricardo turned his pain into perseverance in his non-stop efforts to create homicide and stalking awareness.  

Since 1992, Ricardo has been adamant in addressing and promoting safety through legislation. In 1996, he visited the White House to witness President Clinton sign the Interstate Stalking Bill into legislation.

Ricardo has met with hundreds of families going through similar situations and realized the need there was for comfort not only for the loss but coaching through court dates. He used his own experiences to educate them and guide them through arrest procedures, media discussions, trial preparation, PTSD recovery, and acceptance of the trial outcome.

After the Washington Navy Yard shooting in 2014, Ricardo initiated peer to peer support counseling for any personnel affected.

Currently, he resides on the board of directors at the Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center and continues to fight for victim and their family’s rights for justice.

Jia Gayles