Robert Fout

Daily Point of Light # 3295 Sep 21, 2006

Through his extraordinary travels, Robert “Bob” Fout demonstrates his compassion for other people. Shortly after the 2004 tsunami ravaged Indonesia, Bob responded as part of the effort to reconstruct and rehabilitate the devastated country. Most people are not able to jump on a plane or boat to go help when help is needed; Fout was able to and did just that.

He spent nine days building a model community shelter and a greenhouse. He prepared and planted fields to reestablish agricultural and delivered food and supplies to three villages. His volunteer contributions in a huge relief effort truly did a world of good to the hope starved people of Indonesia.

Shortly after Fout returned to the United States, Hurricane Katrina took its toll on the states along the Gulf coast. The country and at times, even the world looked on as water seemed to pour through many communities along the coast.

Without hesitation, he responded again to help another community in massive relief effort. Just as he did in Indonesia, Fout was able to offer invaluable assistance to the people of Mississippi, helping rebuild and offering assistance at a time a community needed it most.

Selflessly dedicating his time, Fout's remarkable efforts to help those around the world in times when help was needed most is an inspiration to those who know him or hear his story. It is that story which inspired his fellow colleagues to nominate him for the 2006 Aetna Voice of Conscience Award, in which he was a runner-up.