Rowland & Fiona Matthews-2

Daily Point of Light # 4587 Sep 6, 2011

Rowland Matthews and his 15-year-old daughter Fiona didn’t let an earthquake three weeks before they were to leave for Japan with an educational tour stop them. When the trip was cancelled they decided to turn it into a humanitarian trip, add an additional week and go help aid agencies in Japan.
Rowland and Fiona felt compelled to change the nature of their trip to Japan because they feel the whole world is their community and if they see a need and can fill it, they should do so. Not only did they help those affected by the earthquake in Japan, but Rowland and Fiona also inspired others in their community to do the same. Peace Boat and Second Harvest Japan got a lot of help and a lot of interest in their organizations from others who may aspire to do the same thing as Rowland and Fiona.
The father and daughter duo continued to go back until Japan was back on its feet. Before their second trip, they worked to become emergency aid certified so they could be more versatile and help more people. That is why Rowland and Fiona are Daily Points of Light.