Sarah Horrigan

Daily Point of Light # 5527 Jul 22, 2015

While there are plaguing issues domestically, there is a whole world abroad that is need of special attention as well. Sarah Horrigan has decided to tackle these foreign concerns.

After a stellar career, serving over 30 years for the State Department, Horrigan decided to embark on a new journey. Wanting to make a difference in the world, she pursued an opportunity that can impact an entire nation.

Realizing that communication is of the utmost importance when relating to another culture, Horrigan earned a certification to teach English abroad. Working with to find a skill-based volunteer project overseas, she eventually relocated to the East African country of Tanzania.

The opportunity in Tanzania allowed Horrigan to work with an “edutainment” company called Ubongo. Ubongo is an organization that uses facets of entertainment, such as YouTube and television, to teach children English and Math skills. Horrigan helped Ubongo transition much of its content into English.

Horrigans impact with Ubongo has been undeniable; her efforts has directly led to growth. Since Horrigan’s involvement, Ubongo has doubled in size. This expansion not only assisted with educating more children, it also help create new jobs. Within the year Horrigan finished her first project with MovingWorlds, Ubongo expanded beyond Tanzania, with projects in Uganda and Kenya, with over a million viewers on a weekly basis.

While the bulk of Horrigan’s impact was felt in Tanzania, she has also volunteered in South Asia in Nepal. Giving back her time to help educate others is proof of Horrigan’s selflessness.

Throughout Horrigan’s global experience her dedication has never wavered. Whether it’s Tanzania or Nepal, Horrigan paid her own way to and from these countries. Though Horrigan has had a long, successful career in the States, her volunteer efforts allows her impact to be felt worldwide.  


Dev Staff