Judy Rector

Daily Point of Light # 5528 Jul 23, 2015

“Ending Homelessness One Family at a Time”

That’s the motto and overall mission for Traditional Housing BARN, Inc. BARN, a non-profit, has been dedicated to providing clean, safe transitional housing for homeless women and children for nearly 20 years.
One of the most devoted volunteers to come through BARN's program is Judy Rector.
For over six years Rector has been on hand to assist BARN with multiple facets of the organization. Volunteering seven days a week, Rector helps sort, clean, organize, label and prepare BARN's donations. Ranging from clothes, shoes, toys, household items, etc., the proper handling of these donations is essential as it provides hundreds of mothers and children with the items they so desperately need.
Rector's involvement goes even further. After prepping the donations for the families are in need, there is actually a surplus of goods that go unclaimed. Rector prepares all of the leftover donations for a giant BARN Yard Sale. The Yard Sale takes place once a month and reels in over $50,000 a year. That money goes towards BARN's operational costs, such as purchasing new mattresses and beds, blankets and pillows, bathroom supplies, and much more.
Unfortunately, the facility in which Rector helps organize donations and put on the monthly Yard Sale is in ruins. Closing at the end of the year, the 100-year-old building is not structurally sound and will need hundreds of thousands of dollars for repair. Whether it's using her own farm building, or attempting to raise the necessary funds, Rector is actively seeking a solution.
Volunteering every day, this is not just a hobby for Rector but instead a calling. With 90% of mothers that come through BARN not reverting back to any public assistance, that success rate is a direct reflection of Rector’s impact.

Dev Staff