Teagan Stedman

Daily Point of Light # 6222 Mar 21, 2018

When Teagan Stedman was 8 years old, he watched a friend battle cancer. Teagan wanted to do something to help, but struggled to find something appropriate for someone his age. Both Teagan and his friend were passionate about music, so hecame up with an idea of organizing a concert as a fundraiser. His idea turned into Shred Kids’ Cancer, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the community by offering a solution to help kids to fight childhood cancer and support their peers.

Shred Kids’ Cancer has hosted more than 25 events involving thousands of kids. Together, they have raised more than $500,000 and funded nine clinical trials. As it has grown, the organization has maintained a commitment to empowering kids to do something for other kids as a way to show solidary and strength.

Amanda Knowles