The Parson Family

Daily Point of Light # 5643 Dec 31, 2015
Brenda & Tyrone attending
Christmas Party with the
volunteers in Charlotte NC

In every city there is a population of people who face severe financial hardships. For the low income families in Charlotte, North Carolina, during their most difficult times, it is the Parson family on hand to lend their support.

The Parson family has been a pillar in the Charlotte community for years. Founders Brenda Parson, and her husband Tyrone Parson, run the nonprofit organization, Volunteer2ServeNGive. The family organization targets those who are truly in need. Aware of the difficulties and the immense financial burden that single mothers face, Volunteer2ServeNGive is helping to make their lives a lot easier.

The main goal of Volunteer2ServeNGive is to take families from poverty to home ownership. Their mission to bring awareness and engagement to impoverished communities is not only meant to improve and strengthen the local community, but foster an attitude of volunteerism as well. The nonprofit organization offers an array of services that empowers individuals as well as families, and gives them the confidence they need to bring about positive change.

"We started Volunteer2ServeNGive because our life is about how we can better serve our community where we work and live," said Brenda Parson. "Service is our lifestyle. When you're making a difference to inspire or empower, you're also providing hope."

Volunteer2ServeNGive organizes and host events that directly benefit the local community. The Back2SchoolExplosion consist of monetary donations as well school supplies, providing over 300 children with fully packed book bags for the start of the new school year. They also host an annual clothes drive to support their Brelyn Giving Closet Initiative. This initiative provides gently worn clothes to assist women and men returning back to the workforce.

The Parson family and their selfless nature goes beyond Charlotte, NC. Their efforts and devotion to serve is truly inspiring for us all.

Dev Staff