The Roberts Family

Daily Point of Light # 5563 Sep 10, 2015

Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) is a Christian non-profit company that strives to feed malnourished children all around the world. With all proceeds directed toward hungry children, FMSC relies heavily on volunteers to reach its goal. While the company has an amazing reach across the globe, there are very few volunteers who show the dedication and eagerness to give back like the Roberts family.
With the cycle of poverty producing more and more starving children each day, the collective efforts of the Roberts Family is not only appreciated, but very much needed. For the past five years, the family has been highly involved and supportive of FMSC. Not only has the Roberts family donated money, which has helped feed thousands of hungry children, but their consistent activity has helped grow the FMSC Arizona branch and increase its volunteer base.
The family regularly volunteers at the packing site in Mesa, Arizona, where they prepare and package meals for the hungry. David, who serves as patriarch of the Roberts clan, actually serves on FMSC's Arizona council. The entire family is truly ambassadors for FMSC.
When David is not serving on council, he is serving as an advocate for world hunger. He is responsible for key messaging, such as the idea of not just feeding the body, but feeding the spirit as well. David also hosted a MobilePack event at his church where he gathered 500 volunteers to help pack more than 100,000 meals for starving children.
With the help of the Roberts family and volunteers like them, children all around the world is provided a meal, therefore a better quality of life.

Dev Staff