3 Steps to Help Employees Find the Right Election Volunteer Opportunities

Oct 26, 2022

Election Day is drawing nearer and we’ve reached the fourth and final installment of our series on how to activate your employees to more fully participate in democracy and find the right election volunteer opportunities. Previously we’ve explored how you can support employees to vote, to listen and learn, and to use their voice.

There are countless opportunities for volunteerism on Election Day – which will take place Tuesday, November 8, 2022 – as well as early voting during the days and weeks leading up to it.

In this article, we’re covering some of the top ways you can mobilize your workforce to lend their time and talent in volunteering to promote voter turnout and advocate for the causes and candidates they believe in.

Recognize that Corporate Responsibility Plays a Role in Voter Turnout

Points of Light’s recent research shows that today’s workers expect businesses to lead by example. Sixty percent of people choose where they work based on their beliefs and values, and companies are starting to take notice of this trend.

According to the Civic Alliance Corporate Civic Playbook, 94.7% of respondent companies gave their salaried and hourly employees time off to vote. That time included anywhere from two hours to a full day off. When you indicate to your employees that fulfilling the civic responsibility of voting and promoting voter turnout is crucial to participating in democracy, you demonstrate that your organization cares about more than just your bottom line.

Provide Paid Time Off to Vote and Volunteer on Election Day

While providing time off to vote is no doubt a critical component of sustaining and fostering a healthy, thriving democracy, so is the support of volunteer-related activities around elections. Consider giving your employees the opportunity to engage in any one of the many election volunteer opportunities that exist during this season, from staffing the polls to providing transportation for voters who need it. You might even host a polling place at your company site, allowing your employees to volunteer their time and efforts throughout the day.

“Many Americans believe that U.S. democracy is at risk. Today, it is business and specifically ‘my employer’ that is seen as the most trusted institution and sector best poised to drive social impact. Companies have the ability and perhaps even the responsibility to signal trust in the democratic process through workplace policies and incentives that support all employees in voting and participating in our country’s electoral process.”

– Christine Schoppe, chief strategy & growth officer, Points of Light

Publicize Election Volunteer Opportunities 

In addition to supporting your workforce in volunteerism on and leading up to Election Day, you can also provide them with tools and resources to find election volunteer opportunities. Send an all-staff email blast or mention volunteer opportunities in your next team meeting or newsletter. Points of Light Engage offers a global database with in-person and virtual volunteer opportunities in your area and beyond. Include a link to Engage in your internal communication materials to support employees in finding election volunteer opportunities that best suit their needs and capacity.

For more on the importance of volunteering in creating and sustaining democracy, check our Civic Life Today: Volunteer. This digital magazine explores the power of every single volunteer, finding the right volunteer opportunity, the diversity gap in volunteering and much more.

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