Top 5 Reasons to Attend the Points of Light Conference 2023

Oct 27, 2022

The Points of Light Conference, an annual event that draws global nonprofit, government, business and civic leaders from all over the world, is the premier civic engagement, volunteer and CSR conference to keep you educated and inspired. Here are five reasons you should attend the Points of Light Conference in 2023.

What sets this civic engagement conference apart?

There’s no better way to access compelling professional development and CSR networking opportunities. A post-event survey from The Points of Light Conference 2022 showed that 81% of respondents left with new knowledge that they were able to apply in their work. One attendee said the conference “…was terrific – friendly, inspiring and educational!” Another leader reported, “We had team members from several different departments attend and everyone gained something!”

“There was a great diversity of perspectives and strategies about the subject matter, volunteering and the devotion to civic improvement that transcended a variety of international cultural perspectives. Additionally, everyone was very driven and practical in regards to outlining strategies for success that can be applied to a daily lived experience and can be scaled up or down.” 

— Points of Light Conference Attendee

According to recent research, “58% of employees feel that their employers should lead in initiating higher standards to address various social justice issues affecting their communities,” while “64% of Millennials are not interested in working in companies that don’t value social responsibility” and “97% of past volunteers are more motivated in their duties” since the COVID-19 pandemic. 

There’s no doubt about it: The Points of Light Conference is sure to provide a rich experience to aid you in the important, impactful work you do.

1. Get inspired by top speakers 

Each year, Points of Light hosts inspiring speakers and presenters from across the globe who are making massive impacts in their spheres. Whether you’re a business leader, a nonprofit employee or a passionate volunteer, you will hear from some of the leading voices in the CSR and ESG fields. Past conferences have welcomed news anchors, bestselling authors, actors and entertainers, and leaders of some of the largest organizations in the world to the stage. Expect to hear inspiring stories from this year’s cohort and gain insight into steps you can take to increase and sustain your own impact.

2. Grow your network

One of the top reasons to attend this civic engagement conference is for the networking opportunities. Not only will you have the chance to meet inspiring leaders working toward the common good, but you get to rub elbows with like-minded people doing similar work. Want to exchange successful marketing strategies you’ve been using? Catch up on new initiatives your colleagues have implemented this past year? Have lunch with a friend from last year’s conference? Now’s your chance to build and sustain your own professional network.

3. Get equipped with the latest research and tools

Attending this CSR conference can open the door to ideas and resources that will transform the way you work. Explore the research and trends shaping the social sector and deepen your impact with new tools and solutions to current problems. As the landscape has shift due to COVID-19, you can’t rely on pandemic-era methods of volunteer or employee engagement. At the Points of Light Conference, you will dive into the topics and tools most relevant to where you are now.

“The Points of Light Conference is a place for both bold civic engagement strategy conversations and re-energizing reflection to fuel your day-to-day work. It’s an investment of time and budget that pays off tenfold in new ideas, fresh inspiration, and relevant connections” 

— Katie Stearns, Chief Global Corporate Solutions Officer, Points of Light

4. Revitalize your passion and commitment 

Keep burnout at bay by stoking your passion for civic engagement. When times get tough, how do other leaders and their teams handle the hurdles? What are the key moments that keep them engaged and committed to the work over the course of decades? Reconnect to the reasons you started on your civic engagement journey in the first place. From Main Stage moments to workshops and presentations, you’ll experience moving stories of both successes and failures. You’re sure to find a story you can personally relate to and draw on later through good times and challenges. 

5. Make the most of your time in Chicago

This year’s conference provides a brand-new opportunity to explore a major metropolitan area: Chicago! We’re hosting the Points of Light Conference in the middle of June, which is the perfect time to explore the beautiful weather of the Midwest. Snap a selfie at Cloud Gate, (aka “The Bean”) at Millennium Park. Grab your group and head to The Garfield Park Conservatory or the Art Institute of Chicago, cultural staples of this bustling city. History buff? Take a 90-minute cruise along the Chicago River to hear about the origins behind the stunning Chicago architecture.

“We are thrilled to welcome the global Points of Light community to Chicago!” said Points of Light Conference Co-host Ellen Ray, CEO of Chicago Cares. “We look forward to the Points of Light conference serving as an opportunity to celebrate and strengthen the ways our beautiful and complicated city brings the power of people to the work of change.”

Register for the Points of Light Conference 2023

Whether you’re in the corporate world or the social sector, leading teams or new to your organization, don’t miss this powerful conference. The Points of Light Conference is your chance to refine your skills, revitalize your passion and network with other people making waves in the world of civic engagement. Head over to our 2023 Points of Light Conference page to sign up for updates and stay abreast of announcements.

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