5 Ways to Give Back to Senior Citizens

Nov 3, 2016

We recently wrote about the many ways seniors give back to their communities each year, and the health benefits of volunteering as you age. Senior Citizens also present many opportunities for service. Aging adults can face a number of challenges, from loneliness to failing health. Volunteering with senior citizens is a great way to thank them for their years of service and to help brighten their day. When two generations come together in service, it helps bridge the age gap and everyone can come away having learned something.

1. Visit an assisted living facility

Spend some quality time with someone who might not get a lot of visitors by planning a visit (or even better, regular visits) to an assisted living facility. Not sure what to do? Bring along a board game, a care package, a movie, or a home-baked treat.

2. Assist with house work or yard work

Stop by your elderly neighbor’s house to see if they could use some help with physical tasks like mowing the lawn, vacuuming, or other household chores or projects.

3. Teach computer and internet skills

Help seniors stay connected by teaching them how to email their friends and family, check the news, use social media and avoid scams and viruses.

4. Help with errands and transportation

Once seniors can no longer drive, it’s harder for them to be independent and social. Together you can go to the grocery store, hair salon, doctor’s appointments, or wherever else they may need to go.

5. Participate in an intergenerational service project

A great way to connect with seniors is to give back together. There are many projects people of all ages and abilities can do: sending care packages to soldiers, donating used clothes and books, participating in a community bake sale – the possibilities are endless!

Find volunteer opportunities in your community at www.allforgood.org.