Change Notes: It just takes a minute to join the largest commitment of pro bono service in history

Apr 8, 2013



This story doesn't start well.

Here's the headline from the Chronicle of Philanthropy: "Foundation Giving Won't Rise Much this Year."

And here's the lead quote from Florence Davis, president of the Starr Foundation: "The global economy is unstable, the markets are irrational, Washington is paralyzed. Need I say more?"

The point is a familiar one: Companies and foundations seek to expand impact while their foundation dollars remain constant.

The solution, as is so often the case, doesn't get much attention in the story. Beyond writing a check, what can companies and their foundations do to help nonprofits tackle the increased demands for services coupled with the stresses of reduced funding and declining government support?

They can give their time and talent.

According to True Impact, a research and consulting firm that helps organizations measure the social and business impact of their programs, the value of skilled support can be 500 percent greater than the value of traditional volunteering.

Points of Light is the proud home of A Billion + Change, a national campaign to encourage the largest commitment of pro bono service in history. In just a short time, more than 300 of America's favorite brands have pledged to donate nearly $2 billion worth of time to tackle tough problems in their communities and around the world.

More than 300 companies are making this a better story, but our goal is 500 pledge companies by June.

Has your nonprofit received pro bono support from a business? Or does your company lend its talent and expertise to a local nonprofit?  Tell us about it.

If you introduce these pro bono leaders to A Billion + Change, we'll share a pro bono hero's story each day on the Billion + Change blog and thank a lucky nonprofit with a free trip to Points of Light's biggest annual event, the Conference on Volunteering and Service in Washington, D.C., June 19 – 22.

You can help us get to a very happy ending. Click here for details and tools to help you get started.

In service,  


Michelle Nunn

CEO, Points of Light