How to Use Your Volunteer Toolkit this Global Volunteer Month

Jan 10, 2023

April is right around the corner which means Global Volunteer Month is rapidly approaching. Points of Light wants to equip you with the tools you need to make it a success. Global Volunteer Month is an opportunity to recognize volunteers for the amazing work they do to support your organization as well as make the community aware of your needs and recruit more volunteers or connect individuals to causes they care about. Head over to our Global Volunteer Month page to download your free volunteer toolkit, tailored to four unique audiences.

Plus, read all about how to make the most of your toolkit right here. 

Volunteer Toolkit for Companies 

The Global Volunteer Month toolkit for companies is full of ideas to support your company’s employee volunteerism campaign tactics and plan your Global Volunteer Month activities. We show you how you can best engage your employees, share their stories and promote the month internally and externally. It also includes logos and graphics you can use in your communication materials. 

Toolkit for Nonprofits 

The toolkit for nonprofits also includes logos and graphics to share on social media, as well as a host of ideas as you map out your organization’s plan to participate in Global Volunteer Month. In addition to help with messaging and promoting engagement, we offer recognition ideas that you can carry with you throughout the month and all year long. 

Toolkit for Individuals 

You don’t have to be part of an organization to participate in Global Volunteer Month. Passionate individuals can shine their light by volunteering in-person or virtually or completing a DIY project. The toolkit for individuals has links to these DIY projects, as well as plenty of helpful visuals and hashtags you can use as you participate. 

Toolkit for Government Officials 

The toolkit for government officials includes many of the same elements as the toolkits for companies and nonprofits – a sample communications plan, graphics and logos, and ideas for promotion. It also features ideas for giving a floor speech to honor and recognize the constituents and organizations making a difference in your community. 

No matter who you are and how you’re getting involved this year, start now to map out a plan for your Global Volunteer Month and make an impact in your own community and beyond.

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