Madye Henson… A “Battery Charger of the Human Spirit”

Jul 11, 2011

Today’s post is written by Shawn Anderson, five-time author, corporate trainer and national speaker on the topics of “possibility thinking and creating opportunity.”  He is also the Founder of the Extra Mile America Foundation, a non-profit organization that will lead the charge in motivating 200 mayors in all 50 states to declare November 1, 2011 as “Extra Mile Day”…a day to recognize those in the local community going the extra mile.

“If we’re lucky in life, we will be inspired first hand by a number of true Points of Light superstars. Their individual inspiration is what often propels us to ramp up our own commitment to serving, giving and making a difference. I am motivated to share about one of those people from my life: Dr. Madye Henson.

This is a big week for this ultra “bright light.” Effect July 1, Dr. Madye left her position as the President & CEO of Greater D.C. Cares in order to pursue a new challenge as the Deputy Superintendent for the Alexandria City Public Schools. This Points of Light Board member served GDCC since 2008, and under her leadership, the organization took its volunteer base from 5,000 people to 43,000 people. As she leaves, Greater D.C. Cares now works with a network of 860 non-profits.

Those are awesome, difference-making numbers.

But then again, when it comes to difference-making people, Dr. Madye registers at the 99.99 percentile. You see, Madye Henson has a special gift: she makes people believe in themselves. She listens…coaches…inspires…and leads others to their greatest potential. And I believe wholeheartedly that when you put people first, you have the opportunity to build an organization that is ultra-dynamic.

Madye is one of those special people who when you meet her, you know she is really interested in YOU.  She wants to add positive energy to your world. She wants that chance to clap for you. She wants to discover how she can leave you feeling that your path is clearer, your resolve is stronger, or your courage is up one more notch. She supports people. She empowers people. She leaves people believing that all things are possible.

In my book, that is beyond exceptional. In my book, that is the ultimate in serving. Madye Henson is a true “Battery Charger of the Human Spirit,” and I am confident that just like she did at Greater D.C. Cares…she will take her humble, fire-walking spirit to the Alexandria Public School System…and get them to believe they can walk on hot coals, too.

Do you have a Dr. Madye in your life? Why not give them a call this week and let them know how much their extra-mile example means to you.”

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