Prepare Your Family for Disaster and You Could Win a Prize

Apr 1, 2015

Disasters affect every community. Are you Good & Ready should something happen to yours?

ironbound_community_corp_for_blog.jpgYoung participants of a winter safety/home fire preparedness workshop ham it up for the camera at Ironbound Community Corporation Family Success Center in Newark, N.J.

Make a commitment to yourself and those you care about – pledge to be prepared. Let us know what you plan to do to get prepared, and share your pledge with others, encouraging them to take action, too.

Good & Ready, a Points of Light program, offers a host of resources that can help you get started. Here are some ideas:

  • Create a family emergency plan.
  • Build a disaster kit.
  • Connect with local alerts and warning. There are several apps that provide weather notifications and emergency alerts. The American Red Cross has a series of apps for mobile devices that are hazards specific and provide real time updates during a disaster. To see what Red Cross apps are available for hazards specific to your area, visit

You’ll find the Good & Ready pledge form here. Good & Ready, a Points of Light program, offers a host of resources for getting prepared for disasters and emergencies.

If you take the pledge in April, you’ll automatically be entered in drawings for prizes. Daily winners each will receive a $5 Target gift card. Weekly winners each will receive a hand-cranked flashlight radio. All who pledge in April will be eligible for one of five LG Nexus 5 phones. 

Take the pledge today!