The 2022 Points of Light Conference Offers Education, Inspiration and Connection

Jul 6, 2022

In a world of conferences, webinars and workshops, Points of Light works hard to ensure that our events are more than relevant. They’re designed to empower and instill a sense of purpose. You’ll leave with a sense of determination and tools to help turn your vision into reality.

The Points of Light Conference is an annual gathering that many in the sector eagerly await. That’s no accident. Each year, we reflect on our history, turn to former attendees and a host committee made up of local leaders to help shape the content and experience for feedback, examine what worked and what didn’t, and put together a fresh agenda that speaks to the current state of the world. We work to ensure our conference is always a high-value proposition to companies and organizations that are leaders in corporate social responsibility.

Get ready to reimagine, revitalize and recommit as the 2022 Points of Light Conference begins. Here are a few of the benefits you can look forward to.

Content Tailored to Your Needs

While there’s no shortage of divisive topics in our world today, the Points of Light Conference is centered on creating meaningful dialogue and respectful conversation. We value authentic and dignified approaches to listening and learning, and we’re eager to hear from experts in the field about recognizing, addressing and removing bias.

For instance, the Civic Talk entitled “Bold Moves” will address head-on racial equity, hate and barriers to the complex issues that communities face. Our conference speakers will share their methods for championing social change and spreading solutions using popular platforms.

There’s also the Service Summit, which will explore models of national service. From the AmeriCorps shared agenda to creating pathways to employment in the public sector, our speakers—including Michael D. Smith, CEO of AmeriCorps, and Dalila Wilson-Scott of Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation—will dive into the countless shapes and forms that national service takes throughout the world.

Concrete Strategies and Inspirational Stories

We know that hearing stories of both successes and failures from top leaders can help inspire other leaders. There are those “aha” moments that conference attendees experience simply by listening to speakers share their experiences. Don’t miss the “Nailed It” Stage and Luncheon, where a few brave individuals will share their remarkable results… and big mistakes!

We also believe that people are most empowered when they’re given specific strategies they can implement in their spheres of influence. That’s why our speakers are preparing presentations with tangible takeaways for you to actually use in your day-to-day life. 

Speakers like Glennon Doyle and Tara Schuster will not only acknowledge the landscape of activist burnout, but present ideas for deep self-care. In the “Oxygen Masks On! Caring for Ourselves and our Communities” they’ll be talking through small, practical actions you can take in your ongoing efforts to care for yourself and your community.

Key Connections Build Your Network

As we resume an in-person conference format, you’ll have many opportunities to network with others in and outside your field. You’ll mingle with others who are passionate about the causes you’re championing and find mutually beneficial connections.

We’re hosting a variety of workshops with topics like “Antiracism 101,” “Leveraging Trust in Communications” and “Economic Mobility and Equitable Policy and Practice.” Here, you’ll have the ability to share ideas, ask questions, talk through hindrances in your work and get valuable insights to help you break through them. 

We encourage you to forge connections with other conference attendees, exchange contact information and find ways you can collaborate with complementary efforts and resources.

Welcome to the 2022 Points of Light Conference

We’re thrilled to kick off this year’s Conference and honored that you’ll be joining us. These three days are bursting with inspiring speakers, creative solutions, rich conversations and powerful opportunities for the future of our collective impact. 

To the global leaders across the nonprofit, corporate and government sectors… to those new to their careers in the social sector… to the seasoned C-level executives… and to everyone in between: welcome to the 2022 Points of Light Conference. Let’s get started.

Points of Light

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