Points of Light Tribute Event Anniversary

Mar 21, 2012

“This day is really a celebration of service, of the capacity of people to join hands and work together, and of President and Mrs. Bush who are really emblematic I think of all those characteristics.” –Michelle Nunn, CEO Points of Light.

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the Tribute event. It was truly a night to remember for us at Points of Light.  It was a celebration, bringing together celebrities, corporations, partners, friends, families, Daily Point of Light award winners, and volunteers to highlight how service has made a difference in solving our nations problems.  It was an inspiring night for all participants to feel the personal effects of volunteering on the world and hear amazing stories of change. Watch the excerpt below from the event to see how volunteers changed Tonya Ingrams life:

One year later we are still reinvigorated to work harder to create change. Ultimately, the Tribute’s success is in generating sustained energy and optimism in each and every one of us, to remain stalwart in our commitment to take concrete action, to support not only Points of Light, but those in our own communities who are taking action to create change.  We hope you can feel that again on the anniversary and continue to take action.

Please join us in celebrating Points of Light, the people who take action in your communities on our innovative online wall.  Those who post can immediately begin helping their communities by signing up for local volunteer opportunities. To post a Tribute and view the Tribute wall click here.

For more videos and photos of the event visit our Points of Light Youtube channel and our Points of Light flickr Tribute collections.

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