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Jan 07
Posted by Madi Donham to Volunteer Advice

Why not add volunteering to your New Year’s resolution list? The beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to start volunteering, or to find new ways to make a difference in your community. Not only does volunteering connect you to the people closest to you and to others in your community, it can also improve personal health and happiness levels. Giving back can be as big or small a commitment as your time allows, but it’s always time worth spending.

Sep 20

When natural disasters strike, it can be overwhelming to think about how you can make a difference. For many people, there is a natural desire to do something substantial to help communities in need, but even the most ambitious recovery efforts and good intentions can go wrong in delicate environments. Some families, or even entire communities. lose everything after being hit by a devastating hurricane, super storm, flood, wildfire, landslide or tornado; and we witness the stark reality of the word “disaster “come to life. Instead of donating goods, experts and officials suggest that monetary donations have the greatest potential to address the specific needs of each person impacted by a disaster.

May 16

May is Mental Health Month, aimed at raising awareness of mental health and helping to fight stigmas – and providing support for the millions of Americans living with mental health conditions. Volunteers play an important role in supporting those who live with mental health conditions, and continuing to fight the stigmas associated with them.

Apr 11

Kids and teens have an exceptional view on the world, and often offer up some of the most creative solutions to problems. Because of that, engaging them in volunteer work is a great way to solve community problems in a unique way. Additionally, it also helps foster important social and emotional competencies, like empathy and compassion, and develop key 21st century skills like critical thinking and collaboration.