How We Help You

If you’re looking to extend your corporate community engagement in a meaningful and impactful way, let us lend our expertise. We’ve worked with numerous organizations to develop charitable projects and efforts that serve to deliver help to those in need and transform their surroundings. Our proven process for facilitating direct service in community engagement could be the change you’re seeking.

We begin by working closely with you and your key decision-makers. Our experts in company community engagement will gather all the details needed to understand your values as an organization and the goals you have in mind. Once we have a clear framework, we collaborate with you to design a program for your brand’s community engagement that takes everything into consideration.

You won’t be left on your own with a roadmap, either. We take an active role in managing your company’s community engagement program. Through this, we will guide your efforts, so they operate as efficiently as possible and can make the most impact.

We also concentrate on effective storytelling so that you can communicate the value your team brings to the community at large and perhaps inspire others outside of your company. Through it all, we consistently re-evaluate our processes and procedures to make certain we are doing all we can to support your objectives in the most effective manner possible.

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We work collaboratively with you to learn about the goals, high-level guidelines and program approaches to ensure an effective and successful process.

Program Building

We collaborate to create a program aligned with your strategic priorities by using our expertise and experience, along with market research to co-create a program which exemplifies your company's values and professional practices.

Program Management

We manage your program with an emphasis on impact, process efficiency, and high-quality customer service standards.

Evaluation and Storytelling

We consistently evaluate our processes to maximize engagement and impact. Additionally, we help you amplify the stories that most embody your program’s impact.  

Case Study

To celebrate its 100th birthday in 2021, Lowe’s envisioned a large-scale initiative to invest in the communities it serves with the goal of completing 100 local impact projects. Although Lowe’s already had ongoing CSR initiatives and a vibrant culture of volunteering, the company quickly came to understand that such a massive effort in such a short time frame would require additional reinforcements. Before engaging Points of Light, Lowe’s didn’t have a partner that had both the experience in managing partnerships with local nonprofits as well as the resources to accomplish this endeavor.

A community is more than just a collection of individuals. It’s a gathering of shared goals, common aspirations and an appreciation for shared interests. As a responsible corporate citizen, you need to understand that making an impact goes beyond sending a check or donating material goods. It means getting to know the communities you serve on a more intimate level, understanding their needs and taking an active role in helping them.

Points of Light has the experience and expertise necessary to help you accomplish those objectives. Our direct customer engagement capabilities can guide you through the process of establishing your impact programs, so you can become an active participant in the world and make a real difference.

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