Showing You the Way

If your company is going to make a positive impact in communities, you’re going to need your people to step up and contribute. Our deep experience helping companies create and facilitate volunteer, employee or community engagement programs means we can boost your employee engagement with concepts and tools that are proven to work. We start by determining what type of engagement or approach best fits your company’s values and goals. Our experts work closely with you to develop winning strategies for employee engagement design that get your program started (or re-started) on the right foot.

We customize our offerings to match your internal culture and objectives. Our goal is to create the framework you need to ensure your community initiatives are sustainable and impactful, and that can successfully engage employees. Whether you are seeking support for a brand new program or looking to evolve a long-standing one, we can help you design and operationalize for impact.

Finding your way can be difficult if you don’t know which direction to face when you start. It’s easy to get lost without a map to guide your way. Successfully implementing a charitable or volunteer effort within your company can be daunting. Points of Light offers the guidance, expertise and tools you need to create, launch and maintain an employee engagement program.

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We evaluate the current situation and devise the best offering to fit the scope of the company.  


We identify strategies to meet the challenges and advance your goals.


We create a custom offering to allow the company to have fully activated volunteers who can be more civically engaged and leave a positive impact in their communities.


We advise on the implementation of the products created and offer best practices for operational success.

Case Study

To celebrate its 100th birthday in 2021, Lowe’s envisioned a large-scale initiative to invest in the communities it serves with the goal of completing 100 local impact projects. Although Lowe’s already had ongoing CSR initiatives and a vibrant culture of volunteering, the company quickly came to understand that such a massive effort in such a short time frame would require additional reinforcements. Before engaging Points of Light, Lowe’s didn’t have a partner that had both the experience in managing partnerships with local nonprofits as well as the resources to accomplish this endeavor.

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