Christian Rites of Passage

Daily Point of Light # 5662 Jan 27, 2016

That period between early childhood and adulthood is crucial in the development of any person. Those teenage years, the twilight of adolescence, will play a major role in shaping a child into the person they will eventually become.

The Christian Rites of Passage (CRoP) is geared toward youth development and assisting teenagers with many life altering decisions. Whether it's assistance with spiritual and self-esteem growth, or educational empowerment, CRoP is a year-long program meant to mold the minds of rising high school sophomores and juniors. The program concludes with a debutante and beau biennial recognition celebration.

Ida Ruth Irwin Crook founded CRoP in 2003, under the banner of Cascade United Methodist Church of Atlanta, GA. Currently serving as the director and board chair, Crook is heavily involved in transitioning today's youth to tomorrow's leaders. Participating in a similar program as a child with the Detroit Cotillion Club, and realizing the impact it had on her life, Crook was motivated to create CRoP. With over 30 years of volunteer experience, Crook is undoubtedly bringing positive change to the lives of many children.

CRoP provides Atlanta high school students with a truly invaluable experience. From stimulating cultural growth, to advancement in educational opportunities, accompanied with a community service consciousness, CRoP creates an environment that fosters success. With over 121 youth having successfully completed the program, Crook and CRoP is leaving a significant impact on the leaders of tomorrow.



Dev Staff