Florina Rodov

Daily Point of Light # 5593 Oct 22, 2015

New York City, the big city of dreams where anybody can accomplish their goals, is very well known by many. Former teacher, Florina Rodov, who immigrated to the big city of dreams from The Soviet Union, knows all too well how true this can be. 

Rodov propelled her way through NYC’S public schools, eventually attending Columbia University and achieving grave professional success. With her success looming over her, Rodov figured that she could help others who stemmed from at-risk populations achieve their dreams like she did. 

As a teacher Rodov became known for her instrumental influence in propelling low-income, first generation students into top universities on full scholarships. Notably, three of her recent students were accepted into Skidmore and Columbia, totaling about $600,000 in scholarship money.

Although she has since stopped teaching Rodov still continues to make a lasting impact on students. Through her foundation, Authentic Manhattan Foundation, she is dedicated to countering the school-to-prison pipeline for gifted students from low-income backgrounds through a variety of programs and initiatives implemented in public schools.
The Authentic Manhattan has many initiatives including an entrepreneurship program called “Starting Up”, and an intervention designed program “The Failure Party, designed to increase grit in gifted students of poverty."

Rodov is also an author with her article, How Some of America’s Most Gifted Kids Wind Up in Prison written with Authentic Manhattan co-founder Sabrina Truong, going viral and actually helping launch the foundation. 

Dev Staff