Honduran Soles

Daily Point of Light # 5654 Jan 15, 2016

The simplest things in life can often be taken for granted. While footwear can be viewed as a fashion statement in some places, in certain areas of Honduras and other parts of the world, shoes are actually a scarcity.

In 2012, Andrea and Emily Cole started Honduran Soles. Geared toward impoverished people who lack adequate footwear, Honduran Soles has provided shoes to thousands of people all across the world. What started out as a brief mission trip to give back, has resulted into a passionate mission to change lives.

In their first visit to Honduras, while giving out food, clothes and sharing the gospel, Andrea and Emily realized that the lack of shoes presented a serious problem for the locals.

"Out of everything we experienced while there, the need for shoes impacted us the most," said the Cole sisters. "The roads they were walking on were dirty, made of stone and mud, and the feet of these people were worn out and blistered from going barefoot their whole lives."

That experience birthed Honduran Soles. With an initial goal to raise 200 pairs of shoes, in just two days, the Cole sisters helped raise 345 pairs. That number has now grown to over 7,500 pairs of shoes to those in need, servicing countries all over the world.

The Cole sisters and their selflessness should not go unnoticed. Balancing college, their professional lives as well as their volunteerism, these sisters are truly inspiring. With an estimated 300 million children in the world lacking adequate footwear, the efforts of Andrea and Emily Cole are not just greatly appreciated, but much needed as well.

Dev Staff