Laura Moore

Daily Point of Light # 5746 May 24, 2016

The combination of willing students and a devoted teacher is the perfect formula to  evoke change. For proof of how the student-teacher relationship can impact a community, look no further than the volunteer efforts in Jackson, Tennessee.

The University School of Jackson (USJ) in Jackson, Tennessee, has found a very unique way to have scholarly achievement equate to community giveback. While you may have heard of a Walk-A-Thon , it is USJ’s Math-A-Thon that inspires the community.

Partnering with St. Jude’s Children Hospital, USJ uses their Math-A-Thon to challenge students academically as well as provide social awareness. From kindergarten up to fifth grade, these children spend an entire day playing games and solving math problems, all the while donations are made to help sick children. This biennial event is meant to bring some fun and creativity to the classroom, and at the same time raise funds for those who need it most.

It is the Laura Moores of the world that makes this all possible.

Moore, an educator for over 17 years and now Guidance Counselor at USJ, is the coordinator of the Math-A-Thon. Spending an entire career working with students, Moore knows that this one event can have a positive and lasting impact in these children’s lives.

“I think it’s an eye-opening experience for our kids,” Moore said. “It’s important to teach them to care and help others.”

While the students are working hard (and playing hard), all are welcomed to donate with proceeds going to benefit ill children at St. Jude’s. In 2013, Moore helped raise more than $66,000 – the most money in Math-A-Thon history at the time.That was exceeded just last year totaling over $78,000.

By fusing a passion for math with a passion to help others, Moore and USJ continues to positively influence so many.

Dev Staff