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Jan 31
Posted by Madi Donham to Volunteer Recognition

When you shop you get proof with a receipt. When volunteers help, their proof is your thanks. Just as we’d never leave the store without that little slip of paper, volunteers shouldn’t go for long periods of time without getting the vital proof of how valuable they are to you. Luckily, there are many ways to honor your volunteers and document the impact of volunteer service! Cabot’s longstanding partnership with Points of Light provides nonprofits with opportunities to show appreciation to their volunteers.

Jan 30

“It doesn’t matter what your skills are. There are always opportunities for all of us to give back,” says John Gemma, who has volunteered in some capacity for as long as he can remember. The 71-year-old has always given back to his church, but since retiring from his job at the Pentagon, he began looking for new ways to get involved. He is a team leader with Habitat for Humanity and volunteers with Voices for CASA Children, an organization dedicated to being a voice for abused and neglected children. 

Jan 25
Posted by Madi Donham to Employee Spotlight, Volunteer Stories

Growing up in rural Alabama, Martina Edwards says helping your neighbor was a part of the community culture. Passionate about economic growth and empowerment for under-represented population, today she is dedicated to helping families and individuals reach financial peace and security. Martina, who is vice president of corporate partnerships at Points of Light, is a volunteer financial coach, inspiring, equipping and mobilizing others to live their best lives, free of monetary worry and debt.

Jan 21
Posted by Amanda Knowles to Natalye Paquin, Civic Century

Whether you plug in or tune out, it is hard to avoid the topic of bitterness and division. It is in the headlines, on the nightly news, in our social media feeds and at our family gatherings. Everywhere we look, differences – political, racial, geographical, and otherwise – threaten to divide us. Amidst deep political divisions, heartbreaking displays of hate and intolerance, and a growing distrust of people and institutions, it is critical that we leverage every available opportunity to lift each other up and inspire one another to move beyond this destructive force field.

At the core of our philosophy at Points of Light is a belief that the most powerful force in the world is the individual who has realized their power to do good, and who applies their time, talent, and resources to make a positive difference.