Reintegration through Reinvigoration: Communities Supporting Veterans and Veterans Supporting Communities

May 8, 2012

NCVS 2012header As part of the National Conference on Volunteering and Service, Points of Light, Chase and ITT Exelis are hosting a two-day session, June 17 – 18, for individuals who are interested in community-based solutions for meeting the needs of service members, veterans and their families. During the Community Blueprint Summit for Change, “All the Way Home: The Blueprint for Meaningful Community Response,” participants will explore how to bridge together military and civilian communities to build a stronger more united nation. Topics include military and civilian partnership and collaboration, trends and research on challenges facing service members, veterans and their families and models for engaging military and veteran volunteers to address our nation’s most pressing challenges. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Governor Pat Quinn
  • General George W. Casey, former U.S. Army Joint Chief of Staff
  • Bryan Anderson, Veteran, Author and Actor
  • Craig Newmark, Craigslist founder

Conference Speakers

The Community Blueprint Summit for Change will inspire and equip attendees to:

  • Leverage the military community as civic assets
  • Return home ready to create opportunities for military and civilian communities to join together in one common goal: to provide the right resources to our service members, veterans and their families at the right time
  • Implement proven, meaningful community based solutions
  • Challenge and recruit others in their communities to join forces and take action

To register, or for more information and the full schedule of summit workshops and speakers. Other sessions in the Veterans and Military Families track available during the Conference include:

  • Solution Center: Solutions for Finding and Engaging Veterans in Service (2956)
  • Solution Center: The Community Blueprint Network: Organizing Communities to Support Veterans, Service Members and Families (2955)
  • The Key to Successful Military and Civilian Partnerships (2696)
  • From the Couch to the Cause: Leveraging Military and Civilian Online Networks (2484)
  • The Secret to Successful Programs to Strengthen Military Families (2609)
  • Veterans as Assets: From Military to Civilian Service (2709)
  • Military 101: An Individuals Guide to Military Families (2741)