Listen. Learn. Act to End Racism is a Points of Light initiative in partnership with Morehouse College that is designed to empower businesses, nonprofits and individuals to use their influence to fight against systemic racism.

Join us and listen and learn from the racial equity movement experts, partner organizations, grassroots organizers and everyday people who have experienced racism and are fighting against injustice. Our goal is to help provide a forum in which people can begin difficult conversations about racism in a framework that will allow them to gain understanding and learn how to take action that is accessible and impactful in their local communities. As an ally, Points of Light will support in solidarity people of color by providing resources approved by leading experts that can advance their networks, capacity and professional development.


The links below provide you with a chance to listen to past conversations by leading experts and community leaders, stay up-to-date on future convenings, view resources for deeper learning and strategies for taking action, and find ways to engage through hundreds of thousands of volunteer opportunities throughout the world.


Points of Light values inclusivity, diversity and equality, and we stand with people who are taking action for a more just and equitable world. We believe systemic racism is a threat to democracy, culture, and to the people impacted by the injustices and inequities it creates. Now more than ever before, people are ready to dismantle racism and the systems that perpetuate it but often don’t know where to start. We believe every action matters, and that civic engagement takes many forms and is critical to advancing causes that improve society for everyone. 


We have reached a critical moment, spurred by a global pandemic, and rising up in response to tragedy born from systemic racism, that has pushed society toward a tipping point in the fight for social justice and racial equity. There is a new desire to listen and learn from the movements, organizations and people who have been leading these efforts, and to support their actions and to take actions of our own. We’re looking to social justice experts and partners to help us collectively answer these questions: How do we inspire, equip and mobilize people to pull toward justice? How do we empower individuals to become leaders of change? How do we feed this moment until it becomes a movement that finally frees our world from racial inequality? 

When you give to Points of Light, you support the vision of millions of individuals and organizations across the globe helping to solve society’s greatest challenges through volunteer service and civic engagement.