Lisa Boyce

Daily Point of Light # 4846 Sep 4, 2012

Growing up in a large family where lending a hand was a way of life, Lisa Boyce developed a special passion for facing life’s challenges. One of the challenges she saw was the need to empower girls to reach their potential. To solve it, she found the Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland.

For a number of years, Lisa has been an advocate for To Get Her There, the 2012 Girl Scouts of USA campaign to break down barriers hindering girls from achieving the highest levels of science, engineering and other technology fields. Lisa has continually made an effort to seek out opportunities and lessons for the girls in her troop to inspire them to learn more, do more and be more. Her creative and effective hands-on approach enables her to see progress in others before they see it for themselves. Bridging the gap between stereotypes and reality fills her every effort as a Girl Scout leader.

As a scout leader, Lisa seeks out opportunities for her troop to participate in activities that will increase their knowledge, experiences and feelings of self-worth. She schedules activities with Wichita State University and the Society of Women Engineers, among others, and works with parents, students and supporters to see to it that the girls are prepared and equipped to absorb the lessons they receive. Lisa is now leading her second generation of Girl Scouts and has said she measures her success by the achievements of her scouts, many of who are now college students, parents and successful members of the community.