Using Your Wallet to Make a Statement

Using your purchase power means making decisions that reflect your values or advance a social cause or issue by choosing where you do and don’t spend your money. Whether you’re buying from a sustainable company or boycotting a product, how you buy makes a difference.

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Purchase Power

This issue of Civic Life Today shares more information about what purchase power is, and how it’s been used in the past to successfully drive change. This could be shopping with small businesses that support social causes through their work. We share stories from experts and business owners, as well as tools you can use – resources, podcasts, books and even a personal action guide to help you create your plan.
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Resource Guide

If you’re not sure how to get started, our resource guide provides tips, tools and questions to ask yourself. From five things you need to consider, to additional resources for you to leverage and questions to help get you thinking, this is an easy way for you to get started and think about what to do next.

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