Taking Action That Changes the World

Points of Light’s mission is to inspire, equip and mobilize people to take action that changes the world. At Points of Light, we are committed to operating with transparency and sharing the meaningful impact of our work with supporters and the public. Your donations make a difference in our mission and we’re committed to sharing how these contributions are used to strengthen our efforts.

The World We Wish to See


In fiscal year 2021, we partnered with people from all sectors and around the globe to empower even more individuals to become civically engaged and shine a light on their communities. It was the start of the next phase of our 10-year strategic plan to turn civic engagement into a worldwide movement.

Fiscal Year 2020: Clarity for The Future

In fiscal year 2020, Points of Light weathered the many storms brought on by a global pandemic and economic recession with a solid foundation that allowed us to pivot and support our Global Network, nonprofits and corporate partners. In the last of our three year strategy, we had deep clarity in our mission and learned it is needed more than ever, as we saw it come to life in new ways we could have never imagined and continue to deeply impact communities worldwide.

Fiscal Year 2019: Innovation for the Future

During our fiscal year 2019, Points of Light focused on developing and scaling innovative programs that can help us create new ways for people to lead a civically engaged life. Through the expansion of our recognition programs, we raised the profile of changemakers, to inspire others for years to come.

Fiscal Year 2018: Strategic Direction for the Future

In fiscal year 2018, Points of Light underwent the process of developing a new strategic plan for the organization. Lead by our new President & CEO, and in partnership with Deloitte, this new plan led to a clear vision of the future for us to empower individuals to take on the world’s greatest challenges.

Code of Ethics and Donor Bill of Rights

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**Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), all rights reserved. Reprinted with permission from the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

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