About Our Global Network

Points of Light operates with a network of innovative volunteer-mobilizing organizations that serve more than 145 affiliates across 39 countries around the world. Together we are inspiring, equipping and mobilizing more people to use their time, talent, voice and resources to create positive change in their communities. We are offering creative, impactful and inspiring ways for people to engage in their communities and take action to solve problems.

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Our Collective Impact

As a network, we are committed to mobilizing more people and solving more of the world’s pressing needs.


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Served by the Points of Light Global Network

The Points of Light Global Network Annual Affiliate Report: Top Takeaways

The Annual Affiliate Report is an annual survey of the Points of Light Global Network that provides insights into their impact, best practices and local trends.

Our Network Approach

Together, we promote strategies that inspire a passion for community mindedness, enable community action and deepen a culture of community service:

Increased Access

We promote access to civic and community engagement opportunities through local partnerships, online platforms and tools.

Organizational Readiness

We support organizations to engage volunteers, train volunteer managers and expand capacity and impact.

Corporate Engagement

We help companies build, implement and strategically leverage employee volunteer programs to strengthen their local partners, respond to community needs and deepen employee engagement.

Skilled Volunteer Engagement

We design engagement opportunities that put people’s unique skills to use in addressing nonprofit needs.

Civic Leadership

We grow the number of civic leaders and expand the capacity of leaders through social impact experiences and training programs.

Youth Empowerment

We encourage and equip young people to volunteer and expand nonprofits’ ability to engage young volunteers.


We recognize and celebrate the critical role that volunteers play in strengthening communities, identifying and sharing stories of exceptional acts of everyday citizens.

Civic Entrepreneurs

We support the launch and growth of organizations with social missions that scale civic engagement.

The Points of Light Global Network Affiliate Assembly

The Affiliate Assembly is the representative body of the network, providing a structure of engagement to promote collaboration and support seamless co-creation across critical strategic objectives.