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It was in a coffee table in New York that Deva-Dee Siliee remembers talking about what citizens could do to contribute to the sustainable development of her birthplace, the island of Curaçao, which had just achieved constitutional status as a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. A U.S. resident and Columbia University grad, Deva had traveled the world and seen in places like the Netherlands, France and Tanzania the common denominator she knew she could apply in Curaçao: people who wanted to help simply needed volunteer opportunities that were accessible.

She and her friend Lysayé de Windt had witnessed how New York Cares had made community service accessible to millions of people from all walks of life in New York, and thought, “it must be possible to make this happen on an island of 150,000 people”. They set out to create a platform that could connect citizen volunteers with community needs, modeled after the HandsOn network in the U.S. Together with Lysayé, Deva co-founded Curaçao Cares in 2012.

According to Deva and Lysayé, “Through volunteerism, we want to foster understanding and facilitate crucial exchanges between citizens from all walks of life, in order to cultivate stronger communities composed of caring and committed citizens that put their time, skills, talent and resources to use to elevate the quality of life on the island.”

World Region

Central/South America & the Caribbean

Services Offered

For individuals: 
  • Large Scale Events & Days of Service
  • Flexible Volunteer Opportunities (Calendar)
  • Long-Term Volunteer Opportunities
  • Cross Border Volunteer Opportunities
  • Pro-bono/skills-based
  • Family & Youth Volunteer Opportunities
For Nonprofits: 
  • Volunteer Management Training
  • Nonprofit Consulting
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Placement
For Companies: 
  • Employee Volunteer Program Consulting
  • Volunteer Program Dev/Delivery
General Services Offered : 
  • Volunteer Recognition
  • Volunteer Sector Research

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