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Hands On Tokyo was founded in December 2006 with a working Board of Directors comprising both Japanese and foreign nationals who are committed to making volunteer activities more accessible and committed to accelerating the growth of volunteerism in the Tokyo area.

Hands On Tokyo is the Tokyo affiliate of Hands On Network-Points of Light Foundation. Hands On Tokyo works with local community partners, children's homes and nursing homes to identify high impact group based volunteer projects. They recruit, train and match individuals seeking meaningful volunteer activities. The beneficiaries of these volunteer services are underprivileged children, the elderly, physically and mentally-challenged individuals and tsunami-affected residents of the Tohoku region. In addition, Hands On Tokyo works with local corporate clients to further their corporate social responsibility goals by providing local hands on volunteer activities and on going service projects.

Hands On Tokyo provides bilingual volunteer opportunities serving the needs of their community and engages over 3500 volunteers each year resulting in more than 14,000 hours to more than 30 community partners.

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Services Offered

For individuals: 
  • Large Scale Events & Days of Service
  • Flexible Volunteer Opportunities (Calendar)
  • Long-Term Volunteer Opportunities
  • Cross Border Volunteer Opportunities
  • Pro-bono/skills-based
  • Family & Youth Volunteer Opportunities
For Nonprofits: 
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Placement
For Companies: 
  • Employee Volunteer Program Consulting
  • Volunteer Program Dev/Delivery
  • Training/Leadership Development
  • Pro-bono/Skills-based
  • Pro Bono Marathon Champion
General Services Offered : 
  • Disaster Response and Recovery
  • Volunteer Recognition

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402, 4-3 Azabudai 1-chome Minato-ku
Phone: 03-3583-2135


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